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Sewing machine, how to choose

Welcome to my first ever blog…… I will be talking about sewing machines as this is the question I get asked the most, can you recommend a sewing machine

Its most importantly the budget on what your willing to spend,  I will give a list of machines and brands which I believe are good sewing machines

The machine that I use in the workshops is Hobby craft 19s sewing machine

This is a great entry level machine its solid you get a lot of extras in the pack considering the price £85 what good about this machine is that you can have better control of the tension with includes the little screw on the bobbin which is inserted as a undercarriage once you know what to do you shouldn’t have issues when sewing the cons with the 19s is the limited amount of different stitches it has, the pro’s good value for money for a starter sewing machine

Next level up is the Hobby craft 32s looks like the sewing machine mention 19’s but it has the 2-step buttonholer………. So, what is a 2 step buttonholer you may ask? Well you have a button hole stitch which either you need to mark the button length on the garment you are sewing then us the attachment buttonholer, it take 4 steps to complete & sew a buttonhole ( it can be a slow process at times)

The 2 step is a simple process, all you do is select the button that you want to us use & attached to the back of the buttonhole attachment & it will automatic stitch to the required length to the button


Next up


What to look for in a sewing machine

Stitch options…  it is important to see what kind of stitches the machine comes with, ie buttonholer (as mentioned as above)  stitch length & width  , zig zag , decorative stitches if you want to be more creative, also make sure your machine can handle jersey stretch fabrics  as modern days lots of fabrics are stretch,

Another thing to look out  for is adjustable speed control, it helps when learning how to sew as you can set the pace  of the machine until  you are more comfortable controlling what you are sewing

Domestic sewing machines comes in two designs when it comes to the  bobbin, the top loader which has a drop in system for the bobbin & doesn’t require a bobbin case,

 The pros are easy to set up

Cons very little control for under tension

Under carriage bobbin,  is the system on industrial machines

Pros : adjustable control for tension stitches using a small screw to adjust

Cons : it can take a while to fit it in as a new user


Another great feature to look out for is the automatic needle threader,

Pros: it can save you time & saves you straining your eyes

Cons: the needle threader can break easily depending on the make of the machine  


I could give you a list of many sewing machines but I will recommend the following brands in no particular order








Hobby craft (own brand)

John Lewis  (own brand)

Last on the list is the Singer heavy duty (great if you are sewing workwear, denim, fabrics, not good for light weight)


If you are still confused get in touch with

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